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Save money on non-emergency medical transportation insurance

Welcome to the United Medical Transportation Providers Group, a group of Providers for Providers!

With the rapidly growing demand for medical transportation, the UMTPG is proving to be the fastest growing transportation advocacy and educational organization.  We are dedicated to building, educating, promoting, and enhancing the interests of our member providers in an effort to better serve our customers and communities.

As the demand for reliable, professional, and cost effective transportation continues to increase, so too do the many industry influences to include the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid Brokers, Waiver Programs, and many rules and regulations implemented by States, Counties, and local municipalities.  With so many dynamic influences in the NEMT industry the UMTPG’s influence and efforts are critical in helping to protect and preserve the interests of our member providers.

Whether you are new to the NEMT industry or you have been in business for years, consider becoming a UMTPG member in an effort to share in the benefits and to contribute to our growing community. 

We are very pleased to announce that our insurance partners are expanding our member’s coverage and further reducing insurance premiums to include 18 month policies.  This is a unique and very exclusive opportunity for our members because no longer do you have to go through the renewal process each and every year.  With 18 month policies you can lock into savings for a longer period of time without having to strain or interrupt your cash flow.

Because of our growing membership, our insurance partners are expanding coverage and opportunities in all 50 states.  At a time when many medical transportation providers are having difficulty in finding cost effective insurance, our partnering underwriters continue to expand our member’s coverage and benefits.  The reason is simple - there is strength in numbers!

The UMTPG is literally saving members thousands of dollars on auto, worker’s comp, and general liability policies.  Click Here to learn more on how to save money on your insurance premiums.

Joel Davis' State of the Industry Report

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